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Men's Ministry
"Saving The Lost At Any Cost"

We want to first take this opportunity to greet you in the name of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, to whom all glory belong. We want to welcome you to Jesus Lord Mission Men of Thunder Ministry site.

Jesus Lord Mission Men Of Thunder Ministry, Menís Group has been developed to assist with helping men in ministry, by nurturing the men intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually to become men with a Christ-centered purpose.

At no time in history has the local Menís Ministry in the churches been in more need than in this twenty first century. As we have been looking around we have seen the deterioration of the family and the church. Many of our men are wondering around with an unclear understanding of what God has called a man to be in our society. The men of today are missing the vital guidance needed to become spiritual leaders in their family and the local church. Our churches and Christian homes are crying out, compelling the churches to minister to our men. We are living in a time where effective life-changing groups for men can provide our men with the spiritual tools needed to fully get involved with the local church and community as a whole.

After much research, we were able to obtain some statistics from The Turner Pole Research which has stated that the reason our local churches are not growing are as follows: 94% of churches, where the men are not fully involved with the church and its' ministries, are not growing and 77% of churches that have a productive Menís Ministry group is growing.

Our homes, churches and families are in trouble and as men ourselves we are reaching out to our Christian men with a clarity call from the ďHoly SpiritĒ. Men, it is time to awaken from our sleep and take our place in the family as the head and along with the church, as God has commanded it to be from the beginning of time, begin to nurture, support and guide our families and community.

Now arise and be blessed!

In His Serves,

Jesus Lord Mission Men of Thunder Ministry
Men Department
Jesus Lord Mission Ministry Worship Center Men's Ministry Group goal is to provide effective service that groom men of integrity who will become able leaders, productive teachers and students of the word, good fathers,prudent and responsible husbands who will nurture families and appropriate the benefits from the gifts, talents and abilities God has promised them so that they can reach the lost.
Men's Ministry Group Goal
The men will served the church effectively by assisting the hospitality department with number of projects during the course of the year such as:
∑ Mothers' Day Celebrations
∑ Church Beautification
∑ Visiting the sick and elderly
∑ Developing a Disaster Plan
∑ Other special ministry events
The menís ministry will be caters to the holistic development of the men through the following Healthy lifestyle
∑ Studying of the word of God
∑ Prayer and fasting
∑ Sharing of experiences
∑ Mentoring
∑ Social Activities
The desire to serve is a good aspiration. There are, however, biblical requirements that have to be met to serve as a deacon at Jesus Lord Mission Ministry Worship Center.
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